Board Members

Our Board members are all volunteers who, beyond the responsibilities of paid employment, freely assist AHEF in the accomplishment of its mission.  Their gift of time and talent as a volunteer board member makes possible many important benefits to you, our members. Board members have the basic legal and policy responsibility for AHEF.

Even though the Board members are unpaid volunteers, they remain active, receive no material profit, avoid conflicts of interest, exercise judgment in overseeing AHEF’s affairs, and comply with all applicable government regulations.   Our Board members volunteer several hours of their personal time to provide you with the best value for your membership.

Adam Head, FACHE (2024)
President & CEO
PO Box 55050
Little Rock, AR 72215
(501) 906-3000

Gary Paxson, BSN, MS, RN-BC, FACHE (2024)
President & CEO
White River Health System
1710 Harrison Street
Batesville, AR 72501
(870) 262-1960
Michael Myers (2022)
VP TRICARE Operations
1090 Arnold Dr
Little Rock Air Force Base
Jacksonville, AR 72099-4933
(808) 226-0621
Steven Webb, FACHE (2022)
Searcy, AR
Open (2022)